Friday, September 23, 2011

Health Glut is now Linguini & Colette

Health Glut is now Linguini & Colette

What do you do when the stuff you say and the vehicle you use to say it don't align? RE-BRAND!

I've decided to re-brand Health Glut. Why? Because I've come to realize that my relationship with food is a complicated one, and to label it "healthy" would be slightly misleading. I think what I do can more accurately be described as wholesome cooking and eating. Also, I've been told more times than I'm comfortable with that the word "glut" is one letter away from being a wayyy more interesting blog.


Health Glut is now Linguini & Colette, named after characters from the charming little animated film, Ratatouille. Effectively immediately, I'm shutting this blog down and will begin updating that one.

Enjoy! And update your Google Readers!

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