Friday, September 16, 2011


I'm overjoyed it's Friday, because that means this slumpy dumpy excuse for a week is coming to an end, and I can finally get my schlitz together and move forward with my life. Some pictures to take us into the weekend:

Have you looked outside? It's an au lait day.
I'll be chillin' at Kickstand cafe with one of those and doing some of this:

Some Friday eye candy, courtesy of ashley nicole catherine:
And a taste of fall from .the rebelgrrl kitchen:

Saturday I'm volunteering alongside my friend Jamie, who is a member of Slow Food Chicago, at Green City Market.

Sunday, I'll be watching my home team -- Urlacher fortified, despite his personal tragedy -- win against the New Orleans Saints with a couple of these:
"Prost"-ing da Bears!

Happy weekend, all!

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  1. Aw! Hope you liked the soup! Also: hooray for weather that inspires cozy coffee drinks! : )